Fajer for Construction and Maintenance (FCM)

Our Philosophy

Buildings are not structures that should be hidden. Each impacts externally upon its locality and populace and internally upon its occupiers.

Good design therefore, is of great importance but by necessity this must reach beyond appearance. For a commercial project to be successful it has to unify between blending with its surroundings, practicality and financial viability.


Electrical FMC

  1. Lighting systems - general, emergency and external
  2. Lightning protection.
  3. Fire alarm and Security
  4. Mechanical power and control wiring
  5. Test and inspection of electrical installations
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Mechanical FMC

  1. Low temperature hot water heating
  2. Gas services
  3. Ventilation
  4. Sprinklers
  5. Air conditioning.
  6. Automatic control and building energy management systems
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Road infrastructure

  1. achieve the best overall return on maintenance investment (given that smoother roads cost more to provide, but offer savings to vehicle operators)
  2. provide community-wide benefits from reduced accidents and travel time
  3. Reduce environmental impacts of road infrastructure maintenance.
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