About Us

This company has the expertise to draw in the skills that will bring success. To us, consultation, communication, planning and preparation are much more than words - they are the tools that we encourage everyone to use. Every member of the project team has a vital role to play and we are always totally committed to choosing the right people, inculcating them with our philosophy and working to bond together into a unit that will perform to the best of its ability.
We have been operating continuously as a limited company since 1999 providing over 10 years of expertise in main contracting specializing in commercial work including, public house refurbishment; shop fitting; office refitting; banks and building societies; educational building developments.

With this experience we can offer a range of services and a lot of values in Integrity, Excellence, Consideration, Original Thinking, Team Work and Passion.

Under notification (Anything Is Possible), design team operates locally and with international partners to produce simple solution to complex challenges and application of solid experience and our engineers and technical staff produced groundbreaking solution to sophisticated problems.

FCM can offer the following to our clients:

  1. Roads
  2. Buildings
  3. Industrial plants and Installation
  4. Architectural Works
  5. Offshore & Onshore Oil and Gas Construction
  6. Pipe Lines Construction
  7. Maintenance