Airport refurbishment aims for gold standard

In preparation for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow Airport is set to receive £10 million worth of refurbishment work.

Refurbishment projects include the enhancement of vital areas of the terminal building,such as the international arrivals section.

The airport is set to see a number of athletes walking through the facility, with up to 6,000 expected to be in attendance. Not only that, Glasgow are set to have a huge number of visitors to the games, with hopes that the Olympic spirit is still alive in both residents of the UK and worldwide.

The £10 million of investment will be added to the already planned spend of £7 million to improve the check-in areas and international arrivals hall.

It had already been estimated that the airport would undergo £200 million of investment up to 2021, with the Commonwealth Games taking place in 2014.

Managing director of Glasgow Airport Amanda McMillan said: "The eyes of the world will fall on Glasgow during 2014 and we fully recognise the important role we have to play in helping deliver a successful and memorable Commonwealth Games.”

In addition to providing a number of improvements to the city airport, the investment will create a number of construction jobs in Scotland during the refurbishment process.

Construction work is set to commence on the scheme following the peak summer period, with a tentative date set for October. Edinburgh Airport and the smaller Glasgow airport Prestwick will make up the other two locations identified as transport hubs for the 2014 games.

"We see ourselves as being the gateway to the games and not only will this significant investment ensure we continue to provide high quality facilities for passengers, it will help create a lasting legacy for Glasgow Airport and the city," Ms McMillan added.

Other parts of the airport that will experience investment is the provision of new lighting for air-side taxi ways and an improvement to current toilet facilities within the terminal.