About Us

Al-Fajer for Education and Training (FET)
Passion for Saudis Education

FTE is not for a profit progressive corporation located in KSA. We enhance the self sufficiency and effectiveness of individuals and organizations by offering customized education, training and career resource solutions. FTE’s Motto “The Power of Change. The Passion for Growth” that enhance career development and personal growth. FTE center for Education & Training will achieve excellence for our clients and in the communities we serve by:

  1. Excelling in the development and delivery of client services
  2. Building strategic alliances to address community learning needs
  3. Continuing to attract, develop and retain dedicated and skilled staff
  4. Demonstrating adaptability and flexibility in meeting changing client and community needs
  5. Ensuring that we continue to: Develop Deliver, Coach and Educate.

FTE Center will ensure that education services are provided not only local but also to reach a high value internationally.FET is offering and providing customer oriented and reliable in house training and education as listed below: Basic Exploration Finding new oil and gas reserves is core business for most oil & gas exploration and production companies, or government petroleum organizations. Geologist working in exploration teams need to have a thorough grasp of the geological processes that are relevant for the formation of oil and gas pools. Also they must have skills in, and awareness of the multitude of tools used in petroleum exploration. This course discusses the fundamentals of all aspects of petroleum exploration and is intended for: Newly joined and newly qualified technical staff such as geologists and geophysicists.