Clastic Reservoir Characterization

Business Context
The main objective of a development team is to identify the scales of heterogeneity that will most likely affect the distribution of non-recovered mobile oil in their subsurface reservoirs. The Clastic depositional environment is particularly complex, and many factors may cause a lower than expected recovery. Outcrops, cores, borehole images, logs, production tests, and reservoir level seismic can help provide detailed information about the architecture, the fluid flow behavior and the heterogeneities in a reservoir. This course aims at:
i) understanding the Sedimentological parameters defining reservoir architecture,
ii) the use of tools to predict subsurface reservoir architecture and
iii) the impact of heterogeneities on reservoir performance at different scales.

Who should attend
Geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists and reservoir engineers involved in exploration and development of Clastic oil reservoirs.

Content of the program
- Depositional processes and deposits.
- Principles in sequence Startigraphy.
- Scales of sedimentary discontinuities in sand bodies.
- Use and mapping of quantitative reservoir data.
- Clastic Reservoir Architecture.
- Geological features influencing hydrocarbon recovery.
- Determination of reservoir architecture from seismic, logs, tests and cores.
- Converting geological data into engineering models.
- Sealing capacity of faults.
- Influence of shale baffles on permeability.
= Impact of cross-bedded sets on two-phase fluid flow (capillary-to-viscous forces realm).
- Conventional procedures in up-scaling, use of geo-statistics.
- Conventional reservoir modeling.

Learning methods and tools
The course is designed to provide the best possible interaction between lectures (± 20-30 minutes) and multidisciplinary team related exercises (4-5 persons per team). The course focuses on understanding the needs of the different parties that are involved in reservoir performance prediction. At the end of the course, the participants will be able to present their strategies in the development of a clastic oil reservoir.

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