1. Medical: By the nature of FRAMSU's customary expeditions in the gulf, medical services are usually limited to routine medical screenings, such as Pap smears and mammograms. This is because other medical services are really not effective with only one visit with a doctor.

    In past overseas expeditions, we have done plastic surgery, cataract removals, even hysterectomies, as well as routine medical care in cooperation with local providers, when possible
  3. Dental: FRAMSU dental services have provided relief to thousands of patients over the years. Dental care is one of the core services of FRAMSU expeditions.

    Poor dental health is a frequently seen problem in the hills of the southern Appalachians, and FRAMSU's services are desperately needed. Patients often arrive with serious dental problems, often affecting their overall health. In a single visit, many of these can be improved.
  5. Vision: One of the main provisions that Remote Area MedicalĀ® makes available at every expedition is full-service vision care. This includes basic screening, refracting, and eye exam. If the patient is found to need eye glasses, a pair is provided to them if possible.
  7. Emergency: FRAMSU can support any hospital or organization by camps with professional team of doctors and new equipment specialized in fast use for patients and injuries in any disaster

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