FPS (Fajer for petroleum & Gas services)

FPS (Fajer for petroleum & Gas services) is an international company which offers and provides a diverse range of Engineering & Consulting and Technology services, facilities, and product in E&P field.

Including but not limited to oil and gas, Exploration, Surveying, Processing, acquisition, interpretation, Drilling, Environmental, Hydrogeological and power generation industries in both onshore and offshore.

Latest News

1-1 Geophysical
a- Shallow Seismic Refraction, Acquisition & Processing.
b- Ground Penetration Radar GPR
Hampson Russel
a- Routine Core Analysis
b- Special Core and Formation Damage Analysis
Hac- Petrological and Geological Services
Ground Water:
a. Ground water Exploration and assessment.
b. Design and Development of Wells and well fields.
a. Environmental Risk Assessment Studies.
b. Environmental impact studies.
c. Environmental Remediation
a- Seismic Inversion
b- Seismic Interpretation
c- Seismic Processing
d- Seismic Petrophysics
information Management
a. Corporate Data Management
b. Project Data Management
c. Physical Data Management.
FPS has association with a group of well repute international consultancy companies that have gained worldwide recognition by