Smart city project points the way to sustainable urban living

2013-03-04 - Two-thirds of the world’s energy consumption is linked to city living across the globe. With a little over half the world’s population living in cities and an expected increase to around 70 percent by 2050, a dramatic change is needed in the way we manage our urban environments, if we are to curb energy usage and emissions, and bri...more

Extending the life of an HVDC link in Canada

This facility provides a 350-MW bi-directional asynchronous interconnection between the New Brunswick and Québec power grids and was the first HVDC station to enable power exchange between the Québec Interconnection and the Eastern Interconnection. The Eel River HVDC Converter Station was recognized as a technology milestone by IEEE (Institute...more

Have electric vehicles turned a corner?

EVs have been slow to take to the road, largely because of high prices, the lack of charging infrastructure and ‘range anxiety’ on the part of drivers, who worry about running out of power on the road. But indications are that EVs may now have turned a corner, thanks in large part to the emergence of a common global standard for fast charger...more

Making mega-scale energy savings in Texas

2013-03-11 - Electricity consumers in the state of Texas save tens of millions of dollars a year and benefit from improved system reliability through the installation of a state-of-the-art nodal market management system now a part of Ventyx, ABB’s enterprise software business. ...more