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Investigators still unable to find cause of Boeing 787 Dreamliner fire

Washington: Further testing still has not found the cause of a battery fire aboard a Boeing Co 787 Dreamliner in Boston earlier this month, the National Transportation Safety Board said on Sunday. In a statement released on Sunday, the safety regu...Read More

Must-have safety features for your house

While buying a house, we tend to focus on location, social infrastructure, layout and designer features, but often miss a critical aspect - safety features, which, in times of natural or manmade calamities, could be life-changing. With housing pro...Read More

Bangladesh moves to clean up garment factories

Dhaka: Bangladesh on Wednesday ordered an inspection of all its 4,500 garment factories and arrested bosses of a plant at the centre of the latest deadly blaze as it tackled the industry's "alarming" safety record. As part of the safety overhaul, ...Read More

787 Dreamliners grounded, but batteries can fly

Washington: At the time the US government certified Boeing's 787 Dreamliners as safe, federal rules barred the type of batteries used to power the airliner's electrical systems from being carried as cargo on passenger planes because of the fire risk....Read More