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Oil and gas products

Our Advanced

Our advanced technology helps to improve the performance and profitability of oil and gas producing operations. Anywhere in the world, the Gulf of Mexico or the North Sea, Canada, West Africa or the Middle East, we are there to lend our expertise to help you improve your business.
Backed by highly qualified application specialists, quality manufacturing, and sophisticated supply chain management, Kemira is a leader in the development of high-performance chemical solutions engineered to meet demanding customer needs.

Quality Engineered Products
We offer a broad range of products formulated to provide cutting-edge solutions throughout the entire oil producing value chain – from drilling and drilled solids treatment, cementing and well stimulation, to production and enhanced oil recovery and refinery.
Our wide range of products, available for numerous applications, include:
• Fluid loss control additives
• Viscosifiers
• Shale inhibitors and stabilizers
• Thinners
• Rheology control additives
• Bentonite extenders
• Flocculants
• Coagulants
• Friction reducers
• Dispersants
• Mobility control polymers
• Biocides
• Defoamers
• Corrosion Inhibitors
• Oil Mud Emulsifiers